September 22, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 10

Sean knew better than to try to interrupt Hazel when she was concentrating on work.  But, getting the time to talk to her was getting harder and harder.  She pushed herself so hard to be the best there was.

But every now and then, he managed to sneak past her seriousness and distract her in a quite pleasant way!

"Mom! Mom! Look at my grades!" Brett cheered.

Hazel glanced down.  "In just a second, honey. Don't interrupt Mommy when she's talking to adults."  She turned back to Vivian.  "So, when I met with the defense counsel, he insinuated..."

Brett sighed and walked to the house to find his Dad.

 "Swing me again, Dad!" Ellen giggled.

"Hey Dad!" Brett called.  "Look at my report card! I got all A's!"

Sean stopped swinging Ellen and turned to face Brett.  "Good job!" Sean cheered.

"Daddy, do I get to go to school tomorrow, too?" Ellen asked.

"You bet!" Sean said.  "But now it's time for both of you to get your jammies on and get to bed! Mommy has another meet & greet set for tonight."

"Aww man," they groaned in unison.

"I hate it when she throws the party! It's too loud to sleep," Ellen grumbled.

"Yeah, why can't we come?" Brett asked.

Sean guided the kids to their bedrooms.  "Come on guys, I'll tuck you in!"

"Will you read us a book?" Ellen asked.

Sean hedged.  "I'll have your Mom come in to read to you."

"Why don't you ever read us stories, Dad?" Brett asked.

Sean ruffled Brett's hair.  "Come on, brush your teeth and jammies on! I'll send Mom in."

Hazel came home the next day.  Her socializing had paid off. She had been taken out for a lunch with the partners of the firm and offered the top position.  She'd politely accepted and already her mind was whirling with ways of advancing her career. 

"Sean, I got that promotion," she gushed when Sean got home.

"That's great news honey, now you don't have to work so hard!"

Hazel smiled.  "Well, I was thinking about switching to another field..."

Sean rolled his eyes. "Maybe you should join the sports arena with me. Then I'd have time to be with you! I'd coach you," he leered as he wiggled his eyebrows and laughed.

Hazel laughed as Sean pulled her towards him.  "Maybe I will!" she joked.

A few days later, Sean had a family reunion.  It was great seeing all his family and their spouses and kids.  He couldn't believe how old Jansen was looking!

 He noticed Roxie outside sitting in the spa.

"Hey, how's it going?" Sean asked as he walked up. He nodded towards the bar.  "Would you like a drink?"

Roxie fluttered her lashes.  "No, that's okay, I was just getting out anyways."

Roxie stood up and let the water slide down her body. She knew Sean liked what he saw, she just had to figure out how to get him to ignore his conscious.

"That's a nice suit you have on.  But it's so hot!" she said, fanning herself.  "Maybe you should change into some shorts and hop in the spa with me," she suggested.

Sean glanced between the spa and Roxie.  "Maybe another time," he said.  "But that's a nice swimsuit you have there," he complimented her.

Roxie watched him walk away and went to grab a drink.  Tapping the side of the glass, she thought about how to crack him.

 Time flew by and soon Hazel threw another party for Brett. Her little boy was growing up! He was a teenager now!  (Okay seriously Sonja & Roxie... Quit fawning over Sean! He is happily married!  I'm so glad that Sean has remained oblivious to their attraction!)

Sean grabbed the dirty dishes from outside and brought them in to the sink.  He wished his parents hadn't invited just family & their friends. Lame, he thought.  He wanted to meet the girls!

Sean looked around the room and was so happy to see all his family and friends.  He knew it surprised some friends that he hadn't seen in awhile.  His hair had gone completely silver and his step wasn't as spry...

But he was the same old Sean, through and through...


  1. Sean, as many other Romance sims, is so sweet! I hope Hazel will give him more of her time :).

  2. It seems like the families in my hood that have the most kids are the romance sims 'cause they constantly wanna woo hoo...and with Risky installed...well...hehehe!


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