September 18, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 9

Jansen was happy.  Unstoppable happy.  He had a growing family, a lovely wife and  he felt like he was on top of the world.

"It's the little girl I was hoping for," Carlye gushed after delivery.  "Let's name her Jody!"

Jansen brushed the hair from Caryle's eyes and kissed her cheek.  "Jody is a beautiful name!"

"Can I see?" Perry asked as he walked in the room?

Carlye leaned down so that Perry could gaze into his little sister's eyes.  "So what's so special about her?" he asked.  "I thought baby's were supposed to be special!"

Jansen smiled and ruffled Perry's hair.  "They're special because they're so little and precious!"

Perry blinked.  "Will you go play catch with me?" he asked.

"Sure, but afterwards we need to work on your homework? Okay?" Jansen agreed as he stuck out his hand.

Perry enthusiastically shook hands with his Dad and piped up, "Agreed!" Then, running outside he yelled, "Play ball!"

Carlye put her book aside and stretched.  It was about time to go get Jody ready for bed. It was hard work studying all the mechanics that she needed for her next promotion, but she was determined to get through all the reports. 

She walked into the nursery and swooped up Jody.  "Time for bed, Jody!" she announced.

"Bed! Bed!" Jody copied.

Tickling her belly, Carlye walked over to the changing table to change her diaper and put her jammies on.  Laying her in the bed, Carlye kissed her tenderly on the cheek and pulled the covers up over her shoulders.  "Sleep well, baby doll."

 "How are things going at home?" Jansen asked Sean.

Sean smiled.  "Things are great. Brett's up at all hours wanting to be fed and changed! Nobody warned you how much baby's wake up!"

Jansen nodded. It still surprised him some days when he saw how much Sean doted on Hazel and his son, Brett.  But, miracles happen, he thought proudly.  After all, Carlye helped him realize what he was missing by not having kids, too.

"I'm glad you could come over.  It's been hard to keep in touch with everyone since Mom died."

Sean looked down at his plate and pushed his food around a little.  "Yeah.  Losing her has been hard.  It's funny. When we were young I thought she didn't care at all.."

Jansen nodded. "I know, I felt the same way.  But, she really turned it all around right before she died. She was a great Grandma!"

Sean sighed.  He wished his Mom had gotten to meet his son.

"Dad?" Jody interrupted.  "I'm really worried about school tomorrow. It's my first day and Perry said that the teachers were going to give me a test to see how smart I was and if I failed, then I couldn't go back to school." Her bottom lip trembled.

Sean laughed and then quickly smothered his grin behind his hand.

Jansen managed to keep a straight face as Jody came over for a hug.  "Don't worry, sweetie. They won't give you a test.  School is going to be fun!  Now, go get ready for bed. I'll talk to Perry."

Jody darted off to the bathroom yelling, "PERRY! You're in TROUBLE now!"

Sighing, Jansen grimaced and called out, "Perry, come here!" 

Sean smiled as he stood up and said, "On that note, it's time for me to get home. Have a good one!"


  1. Another happy family :)! It's good to see them sometimes.

  2. Yea, it is nice to see a happy family. I am so glad for Jansen and Caryle!

  3. Awww...Yay. I like this family. Not too much drama, very happy. You need one of those in this hood. :)


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