September 14, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 8

Carlye was so happy with life right now. She continued to make flower arrangements and had actually been able to sell a few.  She was on maternity leave and loved every minute of her pregnancy.

 Jansen had been in a wonderful mood since talking to him Mom.  Everything seemed to be going their way.  They were expecting their baby, he'd reached the top of the police force and they had good friends and family.

The day their son Perry was born, Jansen threw a big party and invited all his family over.  The family gathered around the baby and congratulated  Carlye on such a beautiful baby.

"My grandson!" Anne had declared as she came over to tickle his belly.

 And Jansen was in heaven.  He loved his son fiercely and couldn't imagine his life without the little guy now.  He didn't even mind when he had to wake up every 2 hours to help feed Perry or change his diaper.

 "I knew you'd be a wonderful Daddy,"  Carlye said as she kissed him goodbye for work.

Jansen had recently joined the intelligence division at work.  He transferred over because he was at less risk of being injured or killed.  He had a family to live for now!

 Carlye was thrilled that he'd transferred because it also made their hours similar.  They got to spend more time together rather than seeing each other only when the other was off.

Although, soon it didn't matter because  Carlye was on another maternity leave.

"I hope it's a little girl with your eyes," Jansen said lovingly as he rubbed her belly.  He couldn't wait to hold another little baby.


  1. Jensen is transformed XDDD! Well, I like Perry, and I too hope the next will be a girl :)!

  2. It only took some of Jansen's own blood to get him to turn around. I knew once he had his own children he would feel differently.

  3. Aww...Perry looks a lot like his mom so far. I'm glad Jansen decided to have kids, he's always been good with them.


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