September 22, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 10

"Kids! Keep it down! I'm studying," Jansen mumbled.

"Sorry Dad!" Jody called as she played cops and robbers with her friend Whitney.  "Come on Whitney. Let's go play Mary Mack in my room!"

Jansen shook his heads as the girls giggled all the way to the room and then slammed the door.  It still amazed him how much Jody had grown! He glanced across the room and saw Perry with his nose in a book, as well.

"What are you reading, son?" Jansen asked.

"I just found this old book on anatomy."

Jansen tried to remember the book.  "Anything interesting in it?" he asked.

"It has pictures of naked ladies!"

"Carlye! Can you get this?" Jansen called out.

Carlye came out of the room. "What's going on?" she asked.

Jansen nodded towards Perry.  "He found your old anatomy textbook."

"Ah.  Alright, Perry! It's late anyways. We'll talk about the book tomorrow!"

Perry slid out of his chair. "But, Moooooom...."

"No buts. Go get your jammies on!"

Carlye went to check on Jody who was fast asleep.  "Sleep well sweetheart," she said as she kissed her head.

After making sure the kids were in bed, Carlye walked back out into the livingroom.  "All finished for the night?" she asked Jansen.

"All finished," he said as he pulled her into his arms to dance.  "Happy Anniversary," he said softly as he leaned forward to kiss her.

Carlye smiled. "Can you believe we've been married this long? It feels like just yesterday we were in college together!"

"I want to throw a party and invite the family over.  We don't get together with everyone often enough!"

The night of the party, Jansen came home from work with a promotion to the head of his division.  He felt like he had reached the top of his career! 

"I'm going to go get changed," Carlye said as she kissed his cheek.  "Everyone will be over soon!"

(Alvin Potter came to the party & steered clear of everyone, preferring to sit in the kitchen and munch on chips).

No surprise, Michelle and Adam Carter lingered at the doorway, kissing.

Soon after everyone left, Perry came out and asked if there was any food leftover.  "I'm hungry!" he said.

Carlye grinned and teased, "Didn't you just eat 30 minutes ago?"

"Aw Mom, you know I'm a growing boy!"

And Perry was growing up fast... and thanks to that anatomy book... he had a decided interest in girls...


  1. I love how you show age transitions! Here you did particularly well!

  2. Still have a tough time looking at Alvin as an old man. hehe An anatomy book? Hahaha!


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