December 31, 2011

Round 16 Census


Sim State Uni - 12th Class

Ross Carter glanced down the hall and saw Chelsea Reed standing there with Sonja Carter and Jenny Tan.  She was so beautiful! He couldn't wait to find out if they had classes together!

 Quinn Landry had his eyes on Jenny... and any other female in the dorm...

 "How was your first class?" Ross asked Chelsea.

"It was good, I guess. I wanted to get started on my term paper right away, though!"

"Me too!" Ross exclaimed. "Let's work on them together!"

 Quinn was having the time of his life.  "Does it tickle.... here!" he cried out as he tickled Michelle. 

Ross stopped Chelsea before she made it downstairs after one of their study sessions.  "Chelsea..." he said, his voice husky.  "I wanted to know if you... well... if I could kiss you!"

Chelsea nodded sweetly and Ross leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.

Sonja had so much fun with Dean Landry.  He was so funny and in such great shape! She had tried to catch his attention...

...studied with him every chance she got...

...but he never seemed to notice her little crush.

It was like he oblivious to her!

Quinn snuck into Michelle's bedroom.  "Too bad we don't have a bigger bed," he whispered as they made out. 

Michelle winked at him and whispered, "I hear there's a photo booth upstairs that has seen a little action..."

Quinn's ears perked up. "Oh yeah... is that a fact?"

Michelle kissed him deeply and then grabbed his hand to pull him along with her.  "Let's go find out!"

 Quinn couldn't believe the things Michelle had let him do.  He strutted down the hall. 

Jenny rolled her eyes.  "You think you're all that," she teased.

"Care to find out?" he offered.  He was surprised to hear her laugh.

"No way, little man.  I don't date men with heads bigger than their shoulders."

"Hey! That's not nice!"

Jenny waved goodbye over her shoulder.  "Ciao, little man!"

Sonja had just gotten back from class when she walked by the most handsome guy in school.  "Ashley Pitts!" she swooned.

 Sonja was head over heels for Ashley.  And it was great because he actually spared her a second glance... unlike Dean!
Finals came and went.  All the college grads managed to pull off 4.0's.  They waited for the taxi to take them back to Paradise Bay and wondered what life had in store for them back home!

McMillans (4) - Round 16

 "Look at this place!" Autumn gushed when they pulled up in front of their new home.  "I'm so glad we decided to room together! This is going to be so much fun!"

Casey leaned over to kiss Autumn sweetly on the lips.  "Yeah. This is going to be great."

Clint rolled his eyes.  "And on that note, I'm going to go make some phone calls!"

Clint had people to see... women to date!

"I'm just saying Autumn wanted to make sure that you didn't run around in your underwear."

"Oh come on! Everyone ran around in their underwear back in college!"

Casey sighed. "I know. It just makes her uncomfortable.  And... she asked that you use the bedroom if you're going to make out... not the couch..."

"God. Does she have any more rules?"

Casey watched Autumn say goodbye to her coworker.  He trusted her.. He just didn't trust him!  (I know you can't see it in the picture, but they're just friends... kissing each other goodbye with tongue... Ruh roh!)

 Casey waited until she came home from work the next day and decided to make it official.

"Marry me, Autumn.  Let's start a family like you've been talking about!"

Autumn couldn't believe it.  Casey had finally proposed!  She'd always dreamed of marrying him in high school... and here they were!

 Dreams do come true!

"Congrats, man.  I hope you're happy all settled down with Autumn." Clint said as he play punched Casey.

Casey laughed as he flexed his muscle.  "You can't hurt me, old man!"

Clint punched again. "I'm only older than you by a few seconds!"

"Yeah, but those few seconds make a difference!"

Not that you could tell it by the way he acted, Autumn thought sourly.  She thought that Clint would grow up a little after they left college.  But all he was interested in was dating, working at a slacker job & playing around.

She crossed her arms as she watched him across the room.  "Casey... something has to give. We can't raise our kids with that example..."

Casey rubbed his hand on his neck.  "But Autumn..."

Reeds (3) - Round 16

 "Come on, babe.  I want to carry you across the threshhold!" Ralph said as he hoisted Kate up. 

"Don't drop me!" Kate laughed as her fiance literally swept her off her feet.

"Are you ready for company soon-to-be Mrs. Reed?"

Kate gazed into Ralph's eyes.  "More than ready! I can't wait!"

 Natalie looked at the pictures afterwards and said that it was like a fairy-tale wedding.

 And the honeymoon!

 Ralph rubbed Kate's belly and smiled up at her.  "That must've been some honeymoon!" he joked. 

 "I'm so proud of you honey!  I can't believe I'm going to be a grandma!"

Kate hugged her Mom.  "I know! I'm so excited! And Ralph has been great!"

He tried to make me breakfast one morning...
 "Suffice it to say, it didn't turn out well!" she laughed with her Mom.   "But, he wanted to take care of me... and that was so wonderful!"

"No, Ralph! It's delicious! I can't even taste the burnt part!" Kate had assured him.

Ralph looked dubiously at the pancakes. "I don't know... I know I taste the burn..."


Kate delivered a beautiful baby boy.  "We'll call you Walker! I can't wait for your daddy to get home!"

 Ralph was so happy and content.  A loving wife, a beautiful baby boy...

"To family," Kate toasted.

"To family!"

Goss - Round 16

 Lily hugged Gabe in front of her new home.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"It's lovely.  I love your home!"

Except that seemed to be a problem.  This was Gabe's bachelor home and he didn't seem eager to change much.

And Lily didn't have a job.  So, she spent a lot of time alone.  The house was so quiet without her kids...

...And incredibly lonely.

Lily just didn't know what to do with her time!

 "Come on, what's the matter?" Gabe asked, frustrated.  "Just tell me!"

Lily sighed.  "I don't know Gabe.  I'm just so... sad..."

"Well get over it! You're not wishing you were still with Levi, are you?"

"No! Of course not! I'm happy here! With you.."

"Well, you have a funny way of showing it," Gabe groused.  He was so frustrated with Lily's moping around the house. 

 Lilly sighed.  She just wished she knew what was wrong!

Gabe hummed as he walked up the front steps.  Flowers. They always tended to put women in a good mood. 

"Lily!" he called.  "Come on, go change out of the bathrobe. We're having a dinner party! Of yeah, and roses!" he exclaimed as he handed it to her.

"A dinner party?!" she screeched. "But I'm not ready!"

"So you really don't remember anything from before your accident?" Claire asked. 

Trevor hushed her.  "Quiet!"

Claire whispered back, "What... I was just asking what we were all thinking!"

Gabe just watched Lily to see how she reacted.  He was curious himself. 

"Umm..." Lily said, clearing her throat.  "I kind of remember the people... and I sort of remember the things that happened in my life... I just don't feel like I used to... That doesn't make sense."

"I would die if I couldn't remember my kids!" Claire added.

"Umm... let me go check on dessert," Lily said abruptly as she cleared her dishes.

"Was it something I said?" Claire asked.

 "Come on baby," Gabe said as he attempted to cuddle with Lily.  "We're not supposed to be acting like an old married couple.  I'm in the mood..."

Lily glanced over her shoulder.  "Well I'm not. I'm trying to go to sleep."

"Fine!" Gabe plumped his pillow and turned his back to her.

Lily sighed.  She thought that everything would magically be better when she left Levi's house. But, there were just as many problems here as there were there! What was she going to do?

 Gabe had hit his boiling point.  "Look! I don't know what the deal is. I've tried to be understanding. I've tried to make things work.  But you need to make a decision. You either love me and want to go forward or you don't and you can back to Levi."

 Lily grabbed his hands.  "I don't want to go back there. He's moved on. And I've moved on. I'm with you.  It's just been an adjustment... Going from being a mother and wife to being just a girlfriend..."

 "Well if that's the problem!"  Gabe dropped to his knee.